Something New, Coming Soon.

About systems and inevitably... people.

We’re living in a world dominated by the externalities of the systems we’ve built for ourselves.

  • Suburban towns go bankrupt and cities grow expensive because we subsidized highways and legally enforced a car driven development model in the 60s.

  • Our national diabetes epidemic can partially be traced to federal subsidies intended to protect America’s food growers.

  • News organizations are being gutted today because ads and not subscriptions became the dominant way to fund content on the internet in the 90s.

Our systems fail and succeed in unexpected ways and we often fail to attribute the outcomes we see to the systems that birthed them.

Alongside systems are the mental models we use to understand the world around us. These are are worth exploring too because often those models are totally divorced from the system its describing. This can lead to some interesting misunderstandings.

Some Systems Go is going to spend time exploring different systems, their externalities, some of the mental models around them and sometimes suggest some new models for how to think about them.

Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into.

More soon,